How to Attract White Men as a Brown Woman in the UK

by on July 10, 2018

Looking good comes easy when you’re a woman of color, but there’s always room for improvement.  Here are a few UK interracial dating tips on how to do your makeup when you’re going out on a date with a white man in the UK.

The Sun Factor
They say that brown skin is more resistant to the sun’s rays. They say that cinnamon-skinned women are more attractive to the human eye. There are those who say that being dark has many benefits.

One of these benefits definitely comes with the fact that the absence of sunlight in the UK does not make you look pasty like your white counterparts. You do not need to go lay on a tanning bed for a healthy glow, you’ve got it naturally!

Brown skin usually has a uniform color and helps to highlight eyes and teeth. In most cases, the lips are naturally sensual and you have very good cheek shape.

The dark skin protects you when sunbathing. Those who own it are less exposed to harmful sunrays.  In any case, you have to use protection to avoid the risk of getting skin cancer. However, it will show greater tolerance to the sun. Luckily sunburn is seldom a problem in the UK!

Some people say that, in general, women with dark skin look 10 years younger than white women. This is due to the higher melanin content in brown skin.
The biggest advantage of having large amounts of melanin in the skin is that it protects, in the long term, from damage related to aging. The appearance of deep wrinkles, roughness and age spots will be less.

There is more chance that any color looks good. Blonde women have to be careful with which tones look whiter and which ones do not.

You’re naturally sensual, but accentuating it all with makeup will make it a guarantee that you’ll be irresistible!

The foundation is the first step. We recommend you try several tones until you find the right one. Not all women with dark skin have the same skin color, that’s why there is not a single tone of makeup that fits all.

Dark skin does not look good when the make-up base is overdone. It can dull your natural glow. In some cases, you can do without the base and use only a few touches of powder.

Bring Colour In
The blush is very important. Those that are bronze or peach colored usually work best, but that will depend on the effect that is intended to achieve. The blush is placed under the cheekbones and blends up and out.

The makeup of the eyes consists of a soft blend. You can use a brown pencil or apply with a fine brush of the same color as the shadow, always against the line of the upper and lower lashes. It extends out.

Maintaining your look
Remember that skincare is important. Your skin might be tougher due to your melanin, but it will still benefit from a good skincare routine.

We wish the above interracial dating advice is helpful for you!

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